Entemari. Isola dei Nuraghi Igt Bianco 75 cl.

Entemari. Isola dei Nuraghi Igt Bianco 75 cl.

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White table wine

Grapes - Vermentino 50%, Chardonnay 30%, Malvasia Sarda 20%.

Vineyards and method of cultivation - Vineyard "Is Crabilis" (Ussana) and "Acquasassa" (Serdiana), low espalier, traditional sapling.

Age of vineyard - From 10 to 15 years depending on the grape type.

Crop production - 45/50 quintals to the hectare.

Soil Type - Medium hill of calcium clay rich in texture, 150/180 m. above sea level

Vinification, Refinement - The grapes by way of pressing softly are left to macerate with the addiction of selected yeasts for a few hours. In succession at the separation of the grapeskins form the juice, the fermentation is left to settle in vats of stainless steel and French oak barrels of 225 litres (barriques). At the end of fermentation the wine undergoes a light clarification and it's refinement follows in stainless steel until the month of February. After this period it is bottled and left for a few more months before being put into commerce.

Tasting - Bright straw colour with consistent greenish brilliant streak, intense perfume and persistent fine elegance with fruity note of green apple and vegetables.

Dry taste of a notable structure and depth and persistence. A pleasing softness, full and balanced.

Suggestions for use - Light fatless starters, soups with sauces which are not too highly seasoned, risotto and grilled fish or in a light sauce. Serve at 11/13° C. uncorking the bottle at the moment of decanting.

€ 25,00

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