Barrile. Rosso Igt Isola dei Nuraghi. 75 cl.

Barrile. Rosso Igt Isola dei Nuraghi. 75 cl.

Vine Nieddera, Caddiu and other autochthonous vines

Production area It is a vine of ancient origin and its diffusion is limited to the lower part of the River Tirso Valley, in particular to the territory of Cabras. Almost on its way to extinction, it was re-discovered by the “Azienda Contini”, at present the sole producer of Red Nieddera

Altitude 50 - 100 metres above sea level

Esposure Mainly towards the East

Climate Typically Mediterranean, with mild winters, limited rainfall and very hot, airy summers

Color Ruby red, with shades of garnet

Bouquet The bouquet of fruit and spices that reaches our sense of smell is of great equilibrium with a well-defined vinosity and traces of ripe plums and cherries

Taste Black cherry and plum, black damson and wild cherry, mixed and put together in a mellow taste, delicately spiced by the wood

To be served with It’s perfect with roast red meats, game and tasty, well-seasoned cheeses

Serving temperature 16-18° C.

€ 27,50

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