Tùvi Tùvi. Birra Artigianale. Birrificio Barley. 75 cl.

Tùvi Tùvi. Birra Artigianale. Birrificio Barley. 75 cl.

"Nicola Perra is forever aware of the world panorama and this time treats us to a blonde ale of rare drinkability.

Enchanting to the eye thanks to its creamy and thick head, Tùvi Tùvi strikes us with uncontested aromas of distinct citron and a spiced aroma which recalls oriental perfumes of cardamon and sandal wood accompanied by clear earthy smells of liquorice root and fresh flower teas of elderberry and camomile. On the palate the sensual tastes emerge of elderberry honey, ripe apricot and tropical fruit, followed by a bitter, herbaceous, citrusy, resiny and balsamic aftertaste which give a sense of dryness in the mouth leading to an eager and urgent desire for another sip.

Very refreshing, Tùvi Tùvi is a good table beer best served with fatty meats like lamb or more lean meats like goat. It can also be boldly served with sweet and sour Thai dishes or with delicate Indian cuisine such as moghul chicken and sweet chutney."

Lorenzo Dabove "Kuaska"

€ 8,50

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