Toccadibò Barley. 75 cl.

Toccadibò Barley. 75 cl.

"Toccadibò is a golden coloured beer with a creamy head which resembles a golden strong ale. The aroma is clean and dry and quite alcoholic but also has hints of sumptuous peach and apricot balanced with aromatic notes of hops with a hint of chives.

On the palate the initial sensation of warming is well contrasted by a dryness with a spiced, clean sharp after-taste which, despite the alcohol strength, immediately tempts us to drink a second glass. The attentive connoisseur will recognise an unusual but very pleasant note of amaretto.

As a table beer Toccadibò goes perfectly with white meat but just as well with richer dishes of game or fully matured cheeses. It is also irresistible with syrupy fruit tarts or almond macaroons."

Lorenzo Dabove "Kuaska"

€ 8,50

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