"What is a bière blanche? A traditional Flemish speciality with barley malt and unmalted wheat, spiced up with coriander and bitter orange rind. Friska is an opalescent, pale yellow coloured beer with a snow-white head. It is an original interpretation of the bière blanche brewed by young Sardinian brewer Nicola Perra who has personalised it by giving it a fuller body.

The result is a well balanced, fresh beer with citrus and spiced notes and the aroma of exotic fruits, but at the same time full and rich on the palate with tarty and citrus notes, making it a very refreshing and thirst quenching beer.

Good as an aperitif, with meals it compliments a gingered risotto, goes very well with boiled white fish served with olive oil and mayonnaise, it can be intriguing with a seafood salad, elegant with vegetable fritters and fancy with fresh herb cheeses."

Lorenzo Dabove "Kuaska"

€ 5,50

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